Your happiness in catamaran or sailboat holidays is our goal!
The destinations that we choose for you are always known by our boats, the sailing boat charter with Sciremundi can be relaxing and enjoyable and can make you discover uncontaminated places in the most distant and wild seas.
Italy and the Mediterranean Sea are our largest and most popular sailing areas, so ItalyGreece, Turkey and Balearics Islands have no secrets for our charter.
Nevertheless, we are navigators and we are always going beyond the horizon, our skippers are true wanderings of all the seas, like: Caribbean, Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Oman, Thailand, Andaman, Comoros Islands, Usuhaia and Antarctic, Fernando De Noroha, Panama, San Blas, Los Roques, Baja California, Greenland, Polynesia, Fiji .. for all these destinations and many others, we organize charters in catamarans and sailboats.

If your destination is "around the world" on a sailboat .... well, it will be a pleasure to have you on board or organize it for you !! 

Fair wind and happy holidays.

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