Ocean Club ScireMundi

ScireMundi Ocean Club was created for sea, sailing and navigation lovers.

Ocean KIDS The art of sailing having fun,  base in Portovenere 

Ocean SENIOR Offshore sailing course for adults, base in VENTOTENE 

Ocean REGATTA Participation in offshore regattas 

Ocean Team Building and Experience for sporting groups and companies 

Ocean ScireMundi sailboat for around the world sailing 

Ocean Off Shore Sailing around the world with Andrea Pestarini, crossings and navigation in Extreme Latitudes, tropics.

The activities organized by ScireMundi Ocean Club are reserved for Club members, the partnership with Circolo Velico Ventotene, of which we share the historical experience, over 30 years, in the field of sailing training as well as the great professionalism, allows the FIV membership of the participants in the initiatives of ScireMundi Ocean Club. The Ventotene Sailing Club is also the logistic base for the Ocean Senior offshore courses at the facilities of one of the most beautiful islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Ventotene. Each activity is part of a tourist package provided by ScireMundi Tour Operator which includes services such as transfers, ground logistics and other necessary. 

Ocean KIDS

The Ocean Kids course created in collaboration with St. Moritz Ski Racing Academy, in partnership with the Circolo Velico Ventotene, will take place based in Portovenere. It is an offshore sailing introductory course for children aged 8 to 18, in two distinct groups by age group. The objectives of the course are: knowledge of the sea, life on a sailing boat, safety on board, sailing, the wind ... 

The Ocean Senior course, created in partnership with the Ventotene Sailing Club, will take place based in Ventotene. It is an introductory course in offshore sailing for adults who intend to sail with their own pleasure boat without limits in the Mediterranean. The course objectives  are: knowledge of the sea, life on a sailing boat, safety on board, sailing day and night, the wind. 
Ocean Regatta
Offshore racing is our passion, we are sailors and offshore racing is a great opportunity to sail and discover new places, learning to sail quickly and safely by competing on our sailing yacht. 
The Sciremundi team offers a racing program that includes the rental of the best racing sailing yachts, from the MINI 6.50 to the Class40, from the Figarò to the TP52, the VOR70 and many others.
Contact us and regattas like ROLEX GIRAGLIA, FASTNET, MALTA MEDIO MARE, SYDNEY TO HOBART, PALERMO MONTECARLO, ROME X DUE, ANTIGUA SALING WEEKS, RORC, ARC ... will become an unforgettable sailing experience for you.

Ocean Team building and Experience
ScireMundi Ocean Club organizes complete tour packages for corporate Team Building and Experience. Team building are organized in the required location, with a minimum of two sailing boats, training weekends are organized with mini regattas, each on board, assisted by the skipper instructors, will cover the different roles of the crew, this is certainly the training event most appreciated and valid for business teams. The Experiences, on the other hand, are initiatives that can also be carried out with a single boat, typically for sporting groups, it involves combining sailing with activities such as climbing, trekking, horse riding or mountain biking ...

Ocean ScireMundi
Ocean ScireMundi is the 3-year round-the-world project, with the ScireMundi ocean sailing boat starting in November 2022, the boat will be reserved for Ocean Club members. Each member can travel a route or a holiday to one of the wonderful places all around the world, the boat with its crew will welcome only one family group or pre-established friends. The initiative is reserved for a maximum of three members.

Ocean Offshore
Sailing around the world with Andrea Pestarini, crossings and navigations to Extreme Latitudes, tropics. Even single boarding. Imagine going around the world on a sailboat, seeing places of unspoiled nature and spending  unforgettable days seeing the skyscrapers of big cities from afar as you approach the port. Andrea Pestarini, a great Italian navigator, with 15 ocean crossings and about 15,000 miles of solo navigation, leaves with his wife in the autumn of 2016 aboard his Durlindana sailing boat for this crazy adventure, which only a true sea lover can accomplish. A long sailing cruise of 35 stages, a sea voyage that crosses the destinations of the two hemispheres, from the cold latitudes, to the tropics, from megalopolises to pristine beaches: Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Brazil, Caribbean, New York, Greenland , Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, San Francisco, Baja California in Mexico, Polynesia and the Marquesas Islands, Argentina, Chile, Antarctica. During his trip around the world, Andrea Pestarini offers the opportunity to embark on a sailing cruise, an out of the ordinary boat holiday, to discover unusual and beautiful destinations. Discover all the stages and leave for your dreaming sailing cruise.

Sailors, Navigators, Skippers, Instructors ... FRIENDS !!!

Natale Marcallini

born in Milan 18 September 1954, MILAN


Participation in “Cloudy 7” Swan 65  transfer from Amsterdam to Scarlino
Transfer Elan 333 from Monfalcone to Marina di Carrara


Transfer “Egi 4” Mylius 76 from Ponta Delgada to San Remo


Preparation and Test (mast, sails, rigging, safety) "Paiza" Lagoon 44 for navigation Marina di Pisa / New Zealand


Transfer "Kiwi" SW79 from Olbia to Ancona
Transfer and Test "Wizard" Vismara 62 from Olbia to La Spezia
Transfer "1 Joy" Sun Odissey 52 from Palma to La Spezia

Participation in regattas x 2 with “Zabriskie Point” Figaro2

151 Miles
Long Upwind


Preparation, transfer and participation in Midle Sea Race with “Egi 4” Mylius76
Preparation and transfer "Pryntyl" Sun Odissey 51 from Santander to Salerno
Transfer "Solitaire" Becconcini 102 'from Cogolain to Bahama Island


ISAF O.S.R. course update cat. 1 and 2
Preparation and rigging “Andromeda” Elan 400
Preparation and rigging Sun Fast 3600 “Lunatika” and participation in the Italian Off Shore Championship x 2


Mast preparation and ECO 40 rigging by Matteo Miceli for Around the World
Preparation and participation in the Italian Off Shore ORC Championship with the Elan 350 “Heimat II” boat
Record participation “Roma- Hammamet” with “Patricia II” Pogo40
Complete preparation "Patricia II" Pogo40 for participation in solo regattas and reduced crew.


Preparation and participation in the Italian Off Shore ORC Championship with Stone Wave 38 "boat
Preparation and participation "900 Nautiques" with "Aki-Sport 3" Akilaria40
Preparation and participation in the "Ocean in La Spezia" sailing event dedicated to learning about the Class40

September 2011 / August 2012:
Participation in the construction and preparation of “Kuka Light” Exreme 42 Open

May / June 2011:
Participation in the preparation and transfer of "Cape Arrow" Southern Wind 100 RS from Cape Town to Genoa

August / October 2010:
Participation in the transfer for Solaris of “Venice” 48 ”from Palma to Brest and from Hamble to Las Palmas

Conduction of "Mandolin" Swan 45

Opening of “Fuori Porta Mare” Charter Company, Sailing School and Regatta with First 40.7

Instructor at the Sailing Center "Horca Myseria"


Since 1997 participation in the longest and best known regattas in the Mediterranean:
500x2, Roma x Tutti x2, Giraglia, Middle Sea Race, 900 Nautiques

Industrial Expert Diploma

Qualifications and Certificates:

1986 V / M Nautical License
1995 Gente di Mare 3a category: Charter Pleasure Boat Driver
2007 Navigation booklet 1st cat.
2009 ISAF O.S.R. cat. 1 and 2
2010 Certificate of work at height