The Brazils Green Coast is situated south of Rio de Janeiro City . With aquatic delights, topaz waters and more than 300 different islands is very suitable for your sailing holiday. Discover the more than 2000 wonderful beaches , snorkel on pristine bays and dive into sapphire waters on board of our charter catamaran or  cabine charter sailing yacht from the dawn to the sunset for your best cruising vacation Angra dos Reis islands.

Fernando de Noronha is an idyllic tropical paradise. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the Brazilian coasts, is a very suitable and pristine island where you can spend your sailing holiday. Join us on our confortable charter catamarans or on monohulll cabin charter sailing yachts discovering the wild and generous nature, the crystal-clear water snorkeling and diving into wonderful bays and topaz lagoon.

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Wonderful Charter Catamaran Holiday | Angra dos Reis | Brazil

Wonderful Charter Catamaran Holiday | Angra dos Reis | Brazil

Located south of Rio de Janeiro City, the Green Coast including Angra dos Reis city is a location with more than 365 islands and 2000 wonderful beaches and is a very suitable destination for a sailing holiday. Superb snorkeling and all water sports can be done enjoying on board of a confortable charter catamaran.

Brazil | Fernando de Noronha | Rio de Janeiro | Angra dos Reis

Abraao, Enseada de Palmas, Freguesia do Santana, Enseada do Pouso, Mamanguà, Itanhanga Island, Angra dos Reis

Price: from 8200 € | Duration: 7 days

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