Yacht planned management

Are you a yacht owner? 

Our aim is providing a complete yacht management and maintenance service with our professional technical service.
We can organize transfers and deliveries of any kind of sailing yachts and catamarans.

These are our services for owners of sailing boats and catamarans who intend to delegate the ordinary and extraordinary management of the boat, devoting themselves exclusively to sailing holidays..

Yacht planned management

  • Consultancy for the purchase and management of sailing boats and catamarans : we can find the best sailing boat for your ideal sailing, follow the construction, launching and management, ensuring the best contractual conditions
  • Total management of the yacht with annual income for the shipowner
  • Commercial management of the yacht with commission on sales for the shipowner
  • Research and selection of crews for shipowners
  • Planning cruise itineraries, ports and services
  • Preparation of boats for long navigations

    If you are looking for a luxury charter sailing yacht we can find the best one for your needs, wherever you want!