This caribbean island has a particular and varied lanscape with sandy white beaches and bioluminescent sea where you can sail on a charter catamaran or sailing yacht having wonderful holidays.

Cruising both with the charter catamaran and the cabin charter sailing boat among unhabited cays and christalline bays you can enjoy an island with colonial buildings and fortress for an unforgettable holiday in Puerto Rico.


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Dreaming Charter Catamaran Holiday | Puerto Rico | Caribbean

Dreaming Charter Catamaran Holiday | Puerto Rico | Caribbean

One of the northernmost island in the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is part of an archipelago which includes a lot of islands and unhabited islets where christalline waters and bioluminescent sea are the features of this charming country. Discover the Mona Island and visit La Perla and Flamenco beaches relaxing on board of a confortable catamaran and living a exciting sailing holiday with ScireMundi Yacht Charter.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Del Rey Marina, Culebra, Ensenada Honda, Culebrita, Cayo Luis Pena, Ensenada Dakity, Palomino Island.

Price: from 11800 € | Duration: 7 days

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