Composed by 99 islands off the Malaysia cost in the middle of Andaman Sea,the Langkawi archipelago is a always more growing and emerging destination thanks to its untouches beaches and pristine marine nature. It s suitable for who wants to relax and detach from  hectic life enjoing scuba diving or snorkeling . For un unforgettable sailing adventure join us on board of a charter catamaran or monohull sailing boat for a memorable holiday.

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Sailing Catamaran Holiday | Langkawi | Malaysia

Sailing Catamaran Holiday | Langkawi | Malaysia

Located in the Andaman Sea , off the Malaysia cost, the Langkawi Archipelago is composed by 99 islands and is an emerging destination for sailing holiday. Discover the pristine beaches and the untouched bays and enjoy snorkeling and diving into topaz christalline waters in order to spend a relaxing and adventurous sailing holiday.

Langkawi | Malaysia

Pulau Payar, Porto Malai, Dayang Bunting, Pulau Gubang Darat,

Price: from 6600 € | Duration: 5 days

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