Luxury Motor Yachts

We have selected for you some of the most beautiful motor yachts in the world, available for charter with crew. 

Motor Yachts over 50 feet, latest version of motor catamarans, true LUXURY YACHTS, crews always up to the task.


Solutions for the most beautiful Italian locations, in Greece, in the Balearics and the Caribbean.

With a simple request, we will send you a selection of Luxury Yachts that can satisfy your wishes and a tailor-made quotation,  for your dream vacation.

Luxury Motor Yacht

  • Freedom to choose the destination, the dates of departure and arrival, without the obligation of the traditional boarding on Saturday. 
  • The holiday can be tailored to your needs, which we will be happy to satisfy. 
  • MYBA charter contracts, the maximum guarantee for the client from the international charter management, professional operators. 
  • The selection of boats made by us, based on the experience and knowledge of boats and captains, in a boats database certified for quality and services. 
  • An all-inclusive holiday, the tourist package that ScireMundi Tour Operator offers you, can include any type of additional service to the boat, from travel, to splendid hotels, to seaplane or helicopter trips ...

Confidentiality, your privacy is guaranteed by ScireMundi, no information, photos or videos of your holiday will be used for advertising or reference purposes by ScireMundi.