CEO and ShareHolder

Stefania was born in Trani, in the wonderful Puglia. 
After having attended a classical high school, she got her degree with honours at Bocconi, in Milan, at the business management school, in the field of fashion management. 
After having worked in the world of finance, she dedicated herself to business projects related to her passions, glamour and tourism. Therefore, in 2014, she created a new brand called Mediterranea
which is about necklaces and bracelets made with silk threads, wool and cotton in the colors of her land.

Since 2017, she has led a glamping project in her family’s ranch in the little town of Frassinato, in Salento. 

However, it is the meeting with Mario Girelli, who today is her partner and friend, that leads to the idea of a world that truly joins together fashion and tourism.

In 2019, on a winter day right before spring, ScireMundi Yacht Charter, which is about dream holidays on customized sailing boats, begins. 

Stefania’s four children are her greatest fortune, three of them already are sailors, and they are a source of inspiration and energy.

She dedicates to them Scire Mundi... going away where your dreams take you.