Catamaran Sailing Holiday | Ulysses Route | Cephalonia - Mykonos | Greece

Price: from 2.800 € / pax

Total guests: 8 - Duration: 15 days

Departure period: From June to September

Destinations: Ionian Islands | Peloponese Cyclades
Cephalonia, Ithaca, Corinth, Aegina, Kythnos, Syros, Mykonos

The third stage of the "Along the Ulysses Route" sailing cruise in Greece, from Cephalonia to Ithaca in order to arrive to Cyclades Islands. Our final destination will be Mykonos. Two weeks of history, sea and culture.

"Along the Ulysses route" is the result of years of sailing along the Mediterranean routes. These routes touch many of the most beautiful destinations of the world. The cruise is a mix of vacation, culture, history, sea, sun and why not, also food and wine.

Enjoy the reading of the description of stages, resorts and sightseeings included in the "Along the Ulysses route" sailing cruise.

A unique sailing cruise, in order to taste all the flavor of the history and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Itinerary suggestion

DAY 1 - 3 From Cephalonia to Ithaca

Cephalonia, generously endowed by nature, a place with mysterious caves, hot springs and groundwater, beautiful beaches, traditional villages and archaeological sites.

Mooring at Poros, interesting coastal town.Cephalonia. Possibility of shore excursion with car rental to visit the island. There are many interesting buildings which retain their old nobility, large squares and picturesque neighborhoods.
Ithaca (20 NM) popular for theHomer's Odyssey, mythical and symbolic place. Its western part is mountainous and treeless while the east part is rich in vegetation and ends into the sea.
Mooring at Vathy, a fascinating little village situated in a deep and safe bay.

DAY 3 - 5 Towards to Corinth Canal

If you are sailing from the Ionian Sea to Greeceyou have absolutely to cross the Corinth Canal. Both for a real need of sailing because the route to the Aegadian islands is definitely shorter, and for the beauty, the charm and grandeur of the high walls of the strait.This waterway, which connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Aegean Sea, bisecting the Isthmus of Corinth, was built between 1881 and 1893, about thirty years after the construction of the Suez Channel.Its length is about 4 miles, while its maximum width is slightly more than 25 meters at the narrowest point. The channel depth of only 7 meters, greatly restricts the draft of the larger boats that at full-load are likely to remain covered up.

Passing through the Corinth Channel saves about 200 miles on the route between the Ionian and the Aegean sea. Besides, it avoids the circumnavigation of the Peloponnese where, because of the wind from the north, the Meltemi, at certain periods of the year it becomes difficult or even not possible for most pleasure boats.

Leaving back Ithaca, will arrive to Oxeia, a small and wild island for anchors out of the world, then, we will continue to Trizonia(about 40 mg), in the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth. Trizonia is an island with a couple of taverns and less more, but characterized by a nice atmosphere, quiet and beautiful nature. It is the common stage for those who cross to and from Corinth.

It will then be the turn of Galaxidi(about 25 mg), in the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth. Galaxidi is a nice town that is worth a stop to learn about the authentic Greece of these areas. Few miles in the gulf there is Itea, where we will visit the archaeological site of Delphi and the new museum.

A large stage to be closer to the Corinth Strait (about 35 miles) where we will overnight at the city before to cross the channel during the following day.

After leaving the Corinth Channel we will cruise to Aegina.

 DAY 5 Aegina

In the Saronic gulf, which bathes the Attica from the south, there is a group of small islands called the islands of the Saronic. The route in this gulf is held in calm waters and often protected from the sometimes strong wind of the Aegean Sea.

These islands characterized by a special beauty offer a variety of truly amazing landscapes: high mountains overlooking the sea, shallow and sandy coasts, covered by forests or rocky and arid islands. They don't lack of archaeological treasures.

Aegina is renowned for its pitchers, it is full of pistachio trees, plants and beautiful villages submerged by greenery. The "Pistachio Aegina" is famous and it stands for the main product of the island. The Temple of Aphaia, among the most famous of antiquity, is located on the top of the only existing hill. Under the temple there are beautiful bays and sandy beaches.

From Aegina to the bay of Kato Sounionthere are about 20 NM.

On the top of the promontory there is the Temple of Poseidon.This wonderful temple overlooks the sea.

Day 6 - 7 From Aegina to Kato Sounion

From Aegina to the bay of Kato Sounion there are about 20 NM. On the top of the promontory there is the Temple of Poseidon.This wonderful temple overlooks the sea.

DAY 7- 8  From Kato Sounion to Kythnos

After leaving the enchanting bay dominated by the Temple of Poseidon we will sail towards the south east to reach Kythnos.

The places to visit in Kythnos are a lots; in addition to natural beauty, such as Katafiki's quarries there are the archaeological sites that are considered real attractions. The most important site is Vryokastro which is located next to the bay of Episkopiin the north-west part of the island. It has been found many evidences of a  Mycenaean origin, including an whole sanctuary dedicated to Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty) and many jewels of gold, silver and bronze.


 DAY 9 - 11 Syros

Syros, the heart of the Cyclades, is one of the most populated island of the archipelago. Syros, mountainous in its northern part, is notable for the variety of the landscapes of its inland. It boasts hills, plains, fields and crops.

Its coastline forms large and small bays, headlands and two large gulfs. That one on the east part is called Ermoupolis and that to the west part is called Foinikas.

The island, as shown by the excavations, has already beeen inhabited during the Neolithic age.

Ermoupoli, called "Lady of the Cyclades", is the capital and the port of Syros, but is also the undisputed "capital" of all the Cyclades. It was built as an amphitheater with neoclassical buildings, old mansions but also white houses that descend along the surrounding hills to the port. It gains more grandeur in its central area, where there is the Miaouli square, a nice square characterized by picturesque cafes.

Some of the most important things in Syros are the Town Hall, the statue of Miaouli admiral, and the Apollon Theatre, a small copy of La Scala in Milan.

The Archaeological Museum hosts relics of value, while in the Public Library there are interesting rare editions.

Day 11 - 15 From Syros to Mykonos

Mykonos arouses the interest of a large number of tourists from all parts of the world, among which there are also many artists and intellectuals.

Mykonos took its name from the son of the king of Delos and from this mythological short tale:
Hercules, during one of his 12 efforts fought against giants and he won. After the giants killing, he threw them into the sea and their petrified bodies gave life to the coasts of Mykonos.
On the small hill of Kastrothere is the complex of churches of Paraportiani, which has been developing for centuries and nowadays it has became a national monument.
We will enjoy the charming and dissolute life of Mykonos for two days before coming back to the sea and sailing towards to Paros.

We will leave Mykonos to sailin the Cyclades and small Cyclades to Bodrum in Turkey. We will anchor in the fascinating islands, bays, and historical harbors. With a navigation of no more than 20nm per day we will visit: Paros, Iraklia, Koufinissia, Dounussa, Amorgos and Bodrum.



Yacht type

Lagoon 450 | Catamaran | B.L.

Catamaran Lagoon 450 is an exclusive, super comfortable vessel designed for unrestricted cruising in all seas and oceans of the world; it has an international certificate for cruising for 8 persons without limitations and up to 30 persons in coastal sailing.
Due to the specific features of catamarans (small draught and excellent maneuverability - the possibility of a full 360-degree rotation without moving), it is an ideal unit for maneuvering in all ports as well as for cruising in interesting waters (coral reefs).
The lack of cants during sailing and the size of the vessel make it comfortable also for those who have no previous experience with sailing or those who suffer from seasickness.
The catamaran has four double cabins with bathrooms, which are fully air-conditioned, designed for guests. Cabins are equipped with towels and bed linen. A separate space is designed for the permanent crew (skipper-captain, hostess).
The kitchen is equipped with a five-burner gas cooker, oven, microwave oven with grill function, coffee maker, three fridges, freezer, wine cabinet, ice cube maker, dishwasher and many more.

The internal lounge is equipped with a folding dining table, sofa, and chairs, colour TV with DVD, Hi-Fi system. The lounge is connected with a roofed external terrace, from which the stairs lead to the upper deck.

On the upper deck, there is a navigation area, a rudder and all the devices for operating engines and sails. There are the majority of navigation devices in the internal lounge as well.
In the rear part of the yacht, there are stair platforms with ladders for access to water. There is a shower with hot and cold fresh water next to each platform.
In the underwater part of the yacht, there are special underwater reflectors that illuminate the space under the yacht (fantastic for night dives).
Also in the rear part of the yacht, on its sides, there are handles for deep-sea fishing rods (deep-sea fishing is one of the planned attractions).
Additional equipment such as power generator, desalination unit, inverters, maneuvering thrusters,washing machine, satellite phone, high-quality navigation systems (Raymarine), radar and many others are a perfect add-on to the professional equipment of the unit.

Type Catamarans
Year built 2017
Length (m/ft) 13,96
Beam (m) 7,84
Draught (m) 1,2
Total guests 8
Double cabin 4
Bunk cabin -
Crew cabin 1
Bathrooms 5
Water capacity (l) 350
Fuel capacity (l) 1000
Engines (hp) 2*40
Generators yes
Fuel consumption (l/h) 8
Cruising speed (kn) 7
Tender (m) Yes
Outboard motor (hp) Yes


  • Air conditioned
  • Water maker
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Stand-up paddle
  • Fishing gear
  • Snorkeling gear

Boarding / Landing

Boarding in Cephalonia at 6 pm / Landing in Mykonos at 9 am


Price: from 2.800 € / pax

Total guests: 8


  • Accommodation on board for the defined period
  • Skipper and Hostess
  • Full board including beverages
  • Ground guides for excursions, transfers
  • Sheets,pillows and towels

Not Included

  • Tips, tickets for museums and archaeological sites
  • Lunch, dinner and drinks on the ground
  • Hard liquors
  • Excursions not included in the program
  • Flights and hydrofoils
  • Anything not mentioned in 'The price includes'

Cruise code: 008

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